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  1. Eastenders was originally going to be called East 8.
  2. Eastenders first aired on 19th February 1985 showing two episodes per week. These were shown on a Tuesday and Thursday.
  3. Eastenders was shown three times a week from 11th April 1994 adding a Monday episode. This was the week that the climax of Sharongate was shown.
  4. On 6th August 2001 Eastenders went to four times a week adding a Friday Episode. This was the week that the kidnapping of Mel Owen was shown.
  5. With output at four episodes per week, over 208 episodes are produced in a year.
  6. The Albert Square set is built on the same bit of land that used to be the German building site in 'Auf Wiedersehen Pet'.
  7. Eastenders is filmed at BBC Elstree studios. These prestigious studios are also used to film Holby City and Kilroy.
  8. Storylines are thought of and mapped out about six months before the production team are due to start filming.
  9. Three drafts of the script are written which are colour coded starting with yellow, pink then blue. Final scripts are white.

  1. The show's Casting Director visits local hospitals to select new born babies for the show.

  1. The average amount of material recorded in a normal day is 10-12 mins in the lot (exterior set) and 15-17 mins in the studio.

  1. The costume department have to prepare 150 costumes every week.


  1. Writers maintain accuracy when portraying specific issues by  using information from support groups and legal bodies.


  1. Simon May composed the EastEnders theme music. He also wrote Nick Berry's (Simon Wicks) hit number 'Every Loser Wins'.

  1. Sets are built especially for each character and designed with their personality in mind.