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We learned that Nick Cotton was the murderer of Reg Cox. Mark ran away from home, whilst his mother Pauline found out she was pregnant.


Sharon Watts fell for Romeo Simon Wicks whilst her parents Den and Angie were having all sorts of extra marital affairs and rows.


Ali and Sue Osman lost their baby in a cot death tragedy.


School-girl Michelle Fowler then announced to best friend Sharon that she was herself pregnant but refused to name the father. Then during a secret liaison with the father the audience found out that it was landlord Den Watts was indeed the father. Den promised to support the baby.




Dens mistress Jan appeared in the square and Angie lost her grip trying to commit suicide. She then began an affair with Andy OBrien. Den decided to file for Divorce but Angie broke the news that she only had 6 months to live. Whilst on a second honeymoon, Den overheard Angie confess to a barman that it was all a plan to keep Den. He served the divorce papers on Boxing Day revealing that he knew her secret.


Michelle agreed to marry Lofty Holloway, having given birth to Vicky and passed her exams. Only Michelle jilted him at the last minute. Yet they managed to reconcile and married in a quiet registry office ceremony later that year.


It emerged that Arthur Fowler had stolen the Christmas club money to pay for Michelles wedding and he was arrested. He later had a nervous breakdown on Christmas day.




Angie and Den became business rivals when Angie was appointed manager of the Dagmar. James Wilmott Brown was the new owner.  Sharon tried to reunite her parents but it failed, however in the autumn Angie revealed that she wanted to return to the Vic just as a business partner.


The Walford prowler was a serious threat to the women of Walford with Sue and Sharon having narrow escapes but Pat Wicks was battered.


Colin Russell arrived in the square and it was revealed that he was gay. But he moved away by the end of the year having been diagnosed with MS.




Michelle aborted Loftys child and he was subsequently heartbroken. The marriage collapsed and he left Walford.


Donna Ludlow arrived in the square and revealed that she was the daughter that Kathy had adopted at the age of 14. Kathy had been raped as a teenager and the memories flooded back causing her to reject Donna. Donna then committed suicide. Kathy was overcome with guilt.


Kathy took up a job at the Dagmar and Wilmott Brown tried to seduce her. He later raped her, and left her to be found by Den. Den firebombed the Dagmar and this only led to Dens own downfall. He double-crossed his mafia friends and they wanted him dead, so he went on the run. He gave himself up to the police and was remanded in prison at the same time as Nick Cotton.


The big question was over the parentage of Simon Wicks. Pat couldnt give a clear answer as she didnt know whether the father of Simon was Kenny Beale or Pete Beale she also didnt rule out Den Watts as a contender.


Pat was reunited with old flame Frank Butcher and he arrived in the square with his children, Diane and Ricky leaving other daughters back in Manchester. Pat and Frank became the owners of the Vic, as Den was still awaiting trial and Angie had moved to Spain.




Den managed to escape from the police on the way to his trial and arranged to meet Michelle at the canal. Only, the hit men that were after Den followed Michelle to their meeting place and after she left they shot him dead. He was presumed dead, but no body was ever found.


Wilmott Brown managed to convince Kathy to drop the charges, but a trial was later given and he was sent to prison.

But before the trial Pete Beale wanted to kill Wilmott Brown and he drunkenly stole a car and went after him. He was charged with drink driving and given a long ban on the road.


Ian bought Alis café and became smitten with new market trader Cindy Williams. They married, but she was several months pregnant with Wicksys child.


Michelle confessed that Vicky was Sharons half sister, and this turmoil led Sharon to take up with Wicksy again.


Sue had another baby but he was snatched by Ali at the grave of their first son Hassan. Sue became deranged and was sent to a psychiatric hospital.


Frank and Pat got married and had a big east end do with horse carriage and pearly kings. Frank started up the car lot, and the couple also bought the B&B and moved into the house next door.




A body was found in the canal, presumed to be that of Den, and he later received a burial. Sharon decided to search for her real parents but they rejected her. She returned to the square devastated.


Nick tried to poison Dot after learning that she had won money on the bingo. Dot guessed and managed to escape unharmed.


The Mitchell brothers arrived this year as did new pub landlord, Eddie Royle and the Tavernier family.


A love triangle ensued between Ian, Cindy and Wicksy. Wicksy knew that Steven was his son and wanted Cindy to set up home with him. Wicksy later left after the Brewery turned him down as licensee. Cindy then told Ian, who attempted suicide, but failed. Cindy had moved in with Wicksy when Ian got out of hospital.