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Around the Square


Who lives Where?
The Queen Vic:
Alfie Moon
Spencer Moon
Nana Moon
1 Albert Square:
The Surgery
3 Albert Square:
Gus Smith
Ricky Butcher
Liam Butcher
23 Albert Square:
Charlie Slater
Maureen Harris
Lynne Hobbs
Garry Hobbs
Zoe Slater
Kat Slater
Kelly Taylor
25 Albert Square:
Jim Branning
Dot Branning
Sonia Jackson
31 Albert Square:
Phil Mitchell
Louise Mitchell
Joanne Ryan
Sam Mitchell
41 Albert Square:
Barry Evans
43 Albert Square:
Sharon Watts
Vicky Watts
Dennis Rickman
45 Albert Square:
Pauline Fowler
Martin Fowler
Derek Harkinson
Abercorn B&B:
Janine Butcher
Paul Trueman
Patrick Trueman
Anthony Trueman
Outside of Albert Square:
Asif Malik
Kate Morton
Minty Peterson
Jack Dalton
Natalie Evans
Jack Evans
The B&B on Daisy Lane:
Laura Beale
Pat Evans


Who works where?
Evans and Sons:
Owner: Barry Evans
Employees: Barry Evans, Janine Butcher, Charlie Slater
The Queen Vic:
Owner: Peggy Mitchell/Phil Mitchell
Manager: Alfie Moon
Employees: Kat Slater, Tracey, Jim Branning
Laura's Cafe:
Owner: Phil Mitchell
Manager: Laura Beale
Employee: Pat Evans
Abercorn B&B:
Owner: Paul Trueman
The Arches:
Owner: Phil Mitchell
Employees: Garry Hobbs, Ricky Butcher
The Minute Mart:
Employees: Gus Smith
The Laundrette:
Owner: Mr Papadopolous
Employees: Pauline Fowler, Lynne Hobbs
Beales Plaice:
Owner: Ian Beale
Angie's Den:
Owner: Sharon Watts
Manager: Billy Mitchell
Employees: Sam Mitchell, Vicky Fowler, Joel
The Snooker Hall:
Owner: Phil Mitchell
Mark's Fruit and Veg: Martin Fowler
Zoe's fashion: Zoe Slater, Kelly Taylor
Outside of Walford:
Walford Gazette: Natalie Evans
Unknown: Derek Harkinson