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Monday, July 21

Phil finds out what happened when Dennis took Dalton on. He tries to take his mind off the killing by making plans with Kate, but the situation has left him uneasy.

Laura is thrilled that Garry is being supportive of her and the baby, especially when she learns of his plans to build a cot. But while Ricky covers for Garry, Lynne begins to suspect that something is going on and issues Garry with an ultimatum.

Meanwhile, Kelly is distraught when her relationship with Ronny comes to a sudden end.

Tuesday, July 22

Mo reassures Lynne that she is Garry's main priority. Happy that her worries are over, Garry knows it is time to tell Laura, but the news is not well received and she goes into labour.

Phil decides tonight is the night to ask Kate to become a permanent feature in his life.

Elsewhere, Dan waits nervously for his date while all around are convinced she is going to be stood up.

Thursday, July 24

Garry is torn as he goes to the hospital to support Laura. Meanwhile, Lynne has a surprise meal planned. He is just about to go home to Lynne when Laura gives birth.

At the Mitchell house, Phil is waiting for an answer from Kate, but their romantic mood is interrupted by DCI Marsden who has some questions for Phil.

Friday, July 25

While the police are convinced they have found their suspect, Sharon doesn't believe that Phil is guilty of murder. She knows that Phil has some information and demands to know what is going on.

The Slaters are furious with Garry and with Lynne gone, they see no reason why he should stay under their roof.

Laura's jubilation is short-lived when tests reveal there are complications with the baby.


Monday, July 14

Dennis faces up to Dalton to call in a favour after his friend, Tony, finds himself short of cash and at the mercy of the loan shark.

Janine continues to flirt with Barry at the car lot. His seduction technique seems to work when Barry appears jealous that Paul has noticed her assets as well.

Dan enlists the help of Patrick to find a date for the wedding. He has Sharon in mind, so is less than impressed when Patrick's "Aphrodite in an apron" turns out to be Pat.

Tuesday, July 15

Janine sneaks around behind Barry's back. Arriving home from a night of passion at the B&B, she is forced to act quickly when Barry attempts to take their relationship further.

Dennis gets his own way with Dalton and, having cleared Tony's debts, the pair celebrate in the Queen Vic. But they remain oblivious to the fact that, while they may have won this round, Dalton is not finished with them yet.

Thursday, July 17

Dalton calls in a favour from Phil and, while he is reluctant to carry out what is asked of him, he knows how dangerous Dalton is and is keen to protect his own.

Having discovered the truth about Kelly's past, Tariq sets about ruining her relationship and tells a shocked Ronny. While Kelly cries on ZoŽ's shoulder, ZoŽ is suffering from guilt that she is the one responsible for her best friend's upset.

Friday, July 18

Phil receives a call from Andy telling him that he needs to go to the club to carry out Dalton's orders. At Angie's Den, Dennis opens the door and is shocked as a gun is held to his head. Dennis pleads with Phil not to shoot him - for Sharon's sake. As Phil starts to falter, Dennis persuades him to hand over the gun.


Monday, July 07

Alfie spends the day creating a candlelit love nest for Kat as preparations for a romantic evening together. As he sits waiting for her, Kat becomes involved in consoling ZoŽ and agrees to a night out at Angie's Den. On arrival it seems that a drunk Anthony is also in need of a friend, but takes Kat's sympathetic gesture as something more.

Meanwhile, the Ferreira kids are worried about leaving the stall but there's a visit which they can't put off. Ash sends Dan away to an Elvis concert and the coast is clear for them to make plans.

Tuesday, July 08

The Ferreira brood leave Kelly in charge of the stall as they head off to celebrate a special birthday. All seems to be going well until Dan is spotted in the Square having returned early from his concert and wonders why Kelly is running the business.

Alfie and Kat make up for lost time but later, Alfie hears a conversation between Kat and Anthony which changes everything.

Sharon realises that it is time to say goodbye to Vicki, but, as always, Vick is not prepared to go quietly.

Thursday, July 10

Kat is excited about a special dinner that she has planned with Alfie. However, Alfie struggles to come to terms with his jealousy.

Barry plans a champagne treat for Janine. She realises that she cannot tease Barry forever and needs to take drastic action.

Anthony is finding it hard to control his temper and makes a life-changing decision.

Friday, July 11

Anthony decides that he has a future outside Albert Square and makes plans to leave as soon as possible.

Kat and Alfie respectively seek the advice of Lynne and Nana Moon on the events of the previous evening.

Elsewhere, Dennis receives a visit from a friend, a heavily bruised Tony.