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Mark who had returned the previous year found out that he was HIV positive and this devastated Pauline and Arthur.

He also confessed to Diane who tried to support him.


Grant set his sights on Sharon and so attacked Eddie Royle who also seemed to have taken a fancy to her. He tried to get back into the army, but failed the psychiatric test.


Ricky Butcher eloped to Scotland with the Mitchell brothers pretty little sister Samantha. She was just 16. Only their families found the map of Gretna Green and knew where to find them. They still got married and when back in Walford got a church blessing.


Eddie Royle was found stabbed to death in the middle of the square. Racist Nick Cotton claimed that he saw Clyde Tavernier that night standing by the body holding a knife.

Clyde went on the run with Michelle Fowler, Vicky and his son Kofi. Grant was also a suspect with a motive, and no alibi. The Vic was shut down until Sharon managed to secure a license.

Nick was not under suspicion, but he later confessed to the murder whilst cold turkey.


Grant then proposed to Sharon and they married on Boxing Day in a surprise wedding.


Frank went into partnership with Kathy and Pauline in the café and Ian started up the meal machine with the help of Hattie Tavernier. Grant and Sharon began running the pub together.




Frank started to lose money and had to sell his merc and the B&B. Pat however started up Pat Cabs which was run from the porta cabin. Only Pat hit a local teenager and after finding out that she was over the drinking limit the girl died. Pat was sentenced to prison.


Grant wanted to start a family, only Sharon didnt. This caused trouble between the newly weds and sparked off an affair between Sharon and Grants brother Phil. Grant still unaware of this affair set fire to the Vic in an insurance bid, but failed and Sharon who nearly died in the fire told Grant that they were finished.


Arthur Fowler had begun an affair of his own with the woman he gardened for, Christine Hewitt. Pauline found out and in the end forgave him.

Marks Girlfriend Gill appeared in the square and said that she was dying from AIDS. Mark proposed to her and they got married, but the day later she passed away in the hospice.


Ian tracked Cindy down and found her alone with Steven in a bedsit. She agreed to go back to Walford with him. Ian had fallen in love with her again.




Michelles daughter Vicky was kidnapped; only the kidnapper made the mistake of visiting a toy shop and the sales assistant had seen the appeals on TV and contacted the police.


Pete Beale got involved with old school friend Rose. Only Rose was married, but when her husband died the two decided to start a new life together. Only, a few months later the couple died in a pre-arranged car crash. Roses husbands family was not happy with the situation and wanted vengeance.


Mandy Slater appeared in Walford, as Pats friends daughter and was left in her care. Only Mandy went off the rails and whilst being in a relationship with Aidan Brosnan led him to contemplate suicide. She managed to stop him.


Pauline found out that the affair between Christine and Arthur was still going on and she attacked Arthur with a saucepan.


Sharon came back from a holiday in America to find the pub in a state. Grant hit Sharon and Michelle told the police and when they turned up at the Vic, Grant attacked one of them leading to an assault charge and a short stay at her majestys pleasure.


Phil and Sharon rekindled their affair whilst Grant was behind bars, only Sharon chose Grant when he returned from prison. Phil married Nadia, an immigrant looking for a green card. Only Phil then decided Kathy Beale was the woman for him.




Mark met Ruth, a Scottish nanny, whilst visiting a friend at an AIDS clinic. They decided to marry and moved into Michelles house.


Nigel Bates fell in love with Debbie Bates. The couple also married and Debbie brought daughter Clare to live with them. Only Clares father started menacing Nigel however it was not long before Grant and Phil put that right.


Sanjay Kapoor started an affair with his wife Gitas sister Meena. Sanjay was eventually forgiven but then found out his sperm count was too low to have another baby.


Pats son David arrived in Walford. Bianca Jackson part of the newly arrived Jackson family took a shine to him, but soon found out that he was her father. Her mother Carol had slept with him at the age of fourteen.


Frank Butcher was largely in debt and he sold his share of the café to Phil. In return Phil had to torch the car lot for him in an insurance bid. Only a homeless boy sleeping in one of the cars was found dead and the police suspected arson. Frank left the Square heavily depressed and left no trace. Pat had to pick up the pieces.


Sharon had agreed to help Michelle with a university project. This involved a taped confession of her affair which Grant found and used to publicly humiliate his wife and brother at Phil and Kathys engagement party. Grant put Phil in hospital, and when their mother came to sort things out, it was none other than Barbara Windsor.


Michelle was caught in a siege in the Vic and was shot in the leg by Grants old army pal Dougie Briggs. However Michelle soon found happiness with her university tutor Geoff.




Debbie was involved in a hit and run and died. This devastated Nigel and he was left with custody of daughter Clare.


Sharon and Michelle left the square separately in this year. Sharon left Grant to start a new life in America with mum Angie. Michelle left for America too after finding out she was pregnant with nemesis Grant after a one night stand. Mark was the only person she told about this.


Arthur was sent to prison after being fitted up in a scam by his new friend Willy Roper. Pauline then became suspicious of Willy after finding all his different credit cards in different names. Arthur was promptly released, but died the next day from the injuries he had sustained in prison.


Grant and Phil found their Sister Sam in Spain whilst on holiday. They bought her back to the Square.


Frank Butcher returned to the Square at Christmas after recovering from his nervous breakdown. He found that Pat had re-opened the car lot with David and Ricky in charge. Pats new man Roy was also there.










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