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Cindy Beale had been having an affair with David and soon grew tired of Ian and decided enough was enough she would have him killed. Ian survived the shooting and realised Cindy was behind it. She ran off to Italy managing to take Steven and Peter, her sons, with her. But Lucy, Peters twin was left behind.


Joe Wicks came to the square to track down father David. His behaviour was strange and it was soon realised that he needed psychiatric help as a schizophrenic.


Tiffany Raymond arrived in the Square as Bianca Jacksons friend. She became barmaid in the Vic and had a love hate relationship with boss Grant Mitchell. She had a one night stand with him and found out she was pregnant. But she was also in a relationship with Tony Hills, the nephew of Kathy and didnt know who the father was. When she found out that Tony was having an affair with her brother Simon she turned to Grant for support telling him that she was pregnant with his child, and he was delighted. They later got married, even though Grant was now in a relationship with Lorraine Wicks.


Alan Jackson had been having an affair with Frankie Pierre, and Carol kicked him out. Their son Billy was kidnapped at Christmas as he was due to be a witness in an armed robbery case. The Jacksons had to move away to a secret address as part of a witness protection scheme, leaving Sonia, Robbie and Bianca behind.


Peggy Mitchell found out that she had breast cancer and after confiding in Mark she had a lumpectomy.




Barry Evans found love at last with scamstress Vanessa. She duped him for all the money tied up in Manor Wood and Roy had to sell Manor Wood.


Pauline found out that she had a sister in Ireland. She, Mark, Ruth and Ian went to Ireland to see their new family.


Joe Wicks was sectioned and began to get better despite being shunned by father David.


Ricky and Bianca finally tied the knot after a bumpy ride in which Ricky had had affairs with both Natalie Price and Ex wife Sam Mitchell. Bianca was pregnant but had to abort her baby after it was confirmed that it had Hydrocephalous and spina Bifida.


Tiffany gave birth to Courteney in March and paternity tests revealed that Grant was the father. They decided to renew their vows and give the marriage another try after Lorraine Wicks had revealed to Grant that the baby mightnt have been his.


Phil found it hard to cope with his baby son Ben and turned to alcohol. He had an affair with fellow alcoholic Lorna and when Kathy found out they split up.




Kathy had an affair with new vicar Alex Healy. Kathy soon decided to leave Walford to start a new life with newly departed Ted in South Africa.


Ruth had an affair with Connor Flaherty, breaking Marks heart and when she became pregnant with his child she left the square with him.


Louise Simmonds, Tiffanys mother appeared in the square trying to stop the bigamist marriage of her still husband Terry Raymond and Tonys mother Irene.


Cindy also returned to the square but was imprisoned for the kidnap of her children and died during labour in prison.


Tiff and Grants marriage was on the rocks and after Tiffany found out that Louise and Grant had been having an affair Tiffany accidentally fell down stairs. After waking up from her coma she decided to tell the police it was Grant whom pushed her and he was arrested for GBH. But when released he went after Tiffany and she got in the path of Franks car and died.





Steve Owen, flash business man arrived on the scene and became involved with the beautiful new arrival Melanie Healy. His ex partner arrived trying to cause trouble between the two and tried to kill Steve, but Steve retaliated in self defence and killed Saskia. He and employee Matthew hid her body in Epping Forrest.

The police found out and at the trial Steve managed to get away scot-free leaving Matthew with a prison sentence.


Melanie then oddly got involved with Ian Beale and they were to get married on the Millennium Eve. Only Mel actually still had feelings for Steve and they slept together on a trip to Brighton. Mel confessed at the wedding and Ian didnt mind he still wanted Mel. She didnt want to go through with the wedding but he managed to convince her, telling her that his daughter Lucy was terminally ill. When Mel found out that he had lied, she walked out in the middle of the lavish reception into the arms of Steve Owen.


Kathy had come back for her sons wedding and ended up bedding Grant. When Phil found out he was distraught and ended up driving their car into the Thames. Both brothers escaped alive, only Grant never showed his face again.


Carol was back in the square and promptly found out that her new lover Dan was having an affair with her daughter Bianca. Bianca left the square the next week, and Carol soon after. However Dan bought a stake in the Vic and Walford became his new home.